Miller Lite Cantroller - Bluetooth Gaming Controller Beer Can

Miller Lite Cantroller - Bluetooth Gaming Controller Beer Can

Beer companies are always looking for ways to reinvent themselves and find something unique in a crowded marketplace. There are a lot of light beers on the market that have similar ingredients that are looking to separate from the pack. Like our custom beer can fishing drinking game, we love it when companies align themselves with outdoor hunting and fishing campaigns, but Miller Lite decided to go after the gaming market with their invention of the Cantroller. It is a smart play to hit a younger demographic in an innovative way by building a bluetooth-enabled video gaming controller out of a beer can.

Miller Lite introduces the Cantroller

Miller Lite built 200 of these custom controllers in partnership with a technology company called Unit 9. They revealed them at an E3 video gaming event along with comedian and gaming fan Eric Andre. They designed a flexible circuit board to fit along the outside of the frosty brew that connects to video gaming consoles and computers via bluetooth.

The amazing thing is they were able to separate all the technology in the can from the beer, so you can put the Cantroller into a fridge and actually drink from it. They are equipped with rechargeable batteries that can hold a three-hour charge and are packed with haptic feedback that vibrate during heavy video game play.

“With some 40% of gamers already drinking beer while they play, we’re taking it to the next level by offering them a fun way to enjoy Miller Lite while they play their favorite games,” says Justine Stauffer, a senior manager on Miller Lite. “Miller Lite is a fan of gaming of all kinds, and the launch of the Cantroller is another way we’re connecting with the gaming community."

PC Magazine Video Gaming Cantroller Testing

Unfortunately, Miller Lite doesn't plan to mass produce these novelty beer cans so you likely won't be able to go fish them out of a cooler any time soon.

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