Natty Light Drinking Game - Beer Fish with Natural Light

Natty Light Drinking Game - Beer Fish with Natural Light

Natural Light, or more commonly referred to as Natty Light by beer drinkers, is a light lager that was first introduced to the market in 1977. It was created as the first Anheuser-Busch's first reduced-calorie and cheaper light beer which followed the American trend for lots of brands at the time. Each can has 95 calories which was intentional to allow the product to compete with Miller Lite which has 96 calories in each can.

Originally, Natural Light was a premium priced beer sold at the same price as Budweiser. As the market shifted to a lighter beer craze, Anheuser-Busch introduced Michelob Light in 1978 and Bud Light in 1981. The pricing strategy was then changed to allow Bud Light to be the premium light beer and Natural Light became lower cost to make it an approachable beer for the everyday person. It became wildly popular for college parties all over the US and it is currently the fifth most popular light beer sold in America. Someone out there is drinking a Natty and fishing every minute, so our drinking game where you can catch one straight out of the cooler is a "natural" fit if you want to catch a few cold ones.

Natty Light resurfaces vintage branding

In 2023, the Natural Light marketing team decided to take their brand back to its roots and reintroduce some elements from the original brand. The new crest on the cans is designed to bring back the classic graphics of the late 70s. The new beer can pays respect to one of the first Natural Light designs from 1979, featuring a throwback logo, crest and the classic brand colors. The new can is supposed to build a new frontier for Natty and a return to the coastal region where it originally gained popularity.

Natty Light with Beer Can Fishing Lids

Natty Light college drinking game

If you want to Beer Can Fish for Natty Lights, it's pretty easy. You will just need to purchase some of our custom can lids, get yourself a fishing pole, case of Natty and some additional beers, cooler and ice. You snap on the can lids over the variety of beers and the first person who catches a Natural Light wins. It's popular at college frat parties where there is an upstairs balcony or deck where you can fish from above the cooler and make it a real challenge.

Another interesting way to play this college drinking game is to do a case race. We recently detailed how to play case race with Beer Can Fishing if you want to read about it in detail. Essentially you get two fishing poles, divide an equal amount of beers with our catchable lids into two coolers and your party into two groups. Then you take turns racing to see who can catch and finish all the Natty's in their cooler first. Because you must wait for the previous player to catch and finish their beer before the next player can start fishing on the team, it makes the game a lot like flip cup. Be careful with how many beers you decide to put in the cooler because unlike flip cup, each cast will result in drinking an entire beer.

If you want to get really fancy you can also pick up a set of our drinking game stickers that will hide instructions under the can lid. After each beer you catch, you will be instructed to do things like pass out 5 drinks, shotgun your beer, take a shot, waterfall play categories, etc., which will get your entire group playing with each cast. If you have other ideas for fun drinking games to play when fishing for Natty's, please let us know in the comments! 

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