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Beer Can Fishing

Mystery Drinking Game Stickers

Mystery Drinking Game Stickers

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Get the entire party engaged in your catch with these custom stickers! This optional accessory for Beer Can Fishing is designed to be used on the bottom of our custom beer can lids. Once you reel in your mystery beer, take the lid off to discover a surprise drinking instruction that awaits you.

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What's included?

12 unique drinking game instruction stickers allow you to hide classic drinking game rules under your beer can fishing lids:

- Social: Everyone drinks when this sticker is found
- Waterfall: Everyone drinks in a circle until the player to your right stops
- Categories: Pick a category and the first player that can't name something drinks
- Cheers: Everyone clinks their cans together and drinks
- Make a Rule: Player makes up a new rule everyone must follow
- Take a Shot: Player takes any shot of liquor they prefer
- Chug: Player must chug their entire beer
- Shotgun: Player must puncture a hole in the bottom of their beer and go for it
- Drink 5: Player must drink 5 drinks
- Drink 10: Player must drink 10 drinks
- Pass Out 5: Player must pass out 5 drinks among the group
- Pass Out 10: Player must pass out 10 drinks among the group

We use high quality waterproof sticker paper that is designed to hold up when getting wet inside your cooler. The stickers have been tested by being completely submerged in water for 24 hours without flaking.

Environmentally friendly

Fishing is all about respecting nature and the environment for future generations to enjoy the sport. When creating Beer Can Fishing it was important to us to produce the drinking game in the most eco-friendly way possible. The lids and zip tie materials are made of recyclable plastics and the hooks are a recyclable alloy metal.

Shipping & returns

Our game was made with you in mind. We’re confident that you’ll love them, but if you’re unhappy for any reason, please reach out to us within 30 days of your purchase and we'll be able to assist with processing the return and a refund.

We aim to ship orders out within 2 business days. Depending on the shipping method you selected, and your destination address, orders usually take 3-6 business days but sometimes can take up to 10 days to reach you.

Not sold yet?

Because there is no catch and release, you never lose. The worst that can happen is you get a drink you don't like. We 100% guarantee you will have the best time you won’t remember.

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    A custom game designed just for you.

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    100% recyclable

    We only use recyclable materials to make the game.

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    People love the social experience of the game.

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