Collection: Lid Packs for Beer Can Fishing

Our custom snap-on lids will go on a variety of canned drinks and allow you to catch them with a fishing pole. The larger lid packs are better for those big parties.
Three fishermen on a boat

Made by fishermen, for everyone

Card drinking games are fun but keep you sitting down at a table and drinking the same ole thing. Beer Can Fishing is different because it gets people interacting and socializing. The mystery of not knowing what you are going to be forced to drink adds to the suspense. It helps if you know how to use a fishing pole, but it was designed to be so simple that anyone can play. Simply drop your fishing line straight down and move it slowly to catch a can. Once you catch your first beer you will be hooked!

Learn How to Play
Beer Can Fishing Prototypes

From Prototyping to Production

We set out to create a new drinking game that involved two of our favorite things, fishing and drinking beer. Many iterations of prototypes were created before we got the lids just right. A proof of concept was created by cutting down a plastic six pack holder that would fit on a single can. Many experiments with different ways to hook it and reel it in were conducted. Ultimately we landed on an adjustable zip tie so you can change the difficulty. After perfecting our can lid, coloring and logo design, Beer Can Fishing was born! The end result is a high quality product that is also 100% recyclable.