How to Play Beer Can Fishing

The game was designed to be simple for anyone to play at your next big party. If you know how to use a fishing pole this game will come quite naturally to you. The best setup for this drinking game is directly above the cooler of beer off a deck so you are just reeling the beers straight up. It is also fun to play with a floating cooler in a pool or at the lake.

What’s included in the game?

  • Custom snap-on beer can lids
  • Adjustable zip ties
  • Fishing hooks

Items you will need to supply: 

  • Cooler or large tub
  • Ice
  • Variety of beers
  • Fishing pole

Beer Fishing Game Setup:

The following instructions are designed to get you out there fishing and drinking those frosty brews quickly. Getting the zip ties into the custom can lids will just take a few minutes and you will only have to perform this initial step the first time you play.

Insert Adjustable Zip Ties into the Lids

Beer Can Fishing Lid 

Make sure your adjustable zip ties are inserted into the hole in the side of the lids. You can adjust the zip ties to have larger or smaller loops, depending on how challenging you want the game to be. The loops will be what you try to hook in order to snag a beer. 

Snap the Lids on the Cans

Beers with Beer Can Fishing Lids

Snap the lids directly over the top of your cans. Our custom lids fit a variety of can sizes from slim to your average beer can.

Fill Your Cooler with Ice

Beer Can Fishing Cooler
You can use a variety of containers such as a large cooler, plastic tub or even a kiddie pool. Once you load it up with ice, place all the beer cans with lids and zip ties facing upwards.

Put the Hook on Your Fishing Pole

Beer Can Fishing Hooks
Once you tie the hook on your fishing pole you are ready to drop your line and see what you catch! Just remember, this is not a game of catch and release, and you must drink what you reel in.
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