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    “Go fishing for beer at your next tailgating party thanks to Beer Can Fishing!”

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    "The game combines two great pass-times, fishing and drinking beer!"

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    “The mystery of not knowing what the next drink you are going to catch is my favorite part!”

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  • “We play with two fishing poles and coolers to see which team can catch and drink their beers first."

4 Beer Cans in a Cooler

Bring Your Own Beer

Our game packs come with custom snap-on lids, two fishing hooks and adjustable zip ties to change the catching difficulty. Make sure you bring your own beer, ice, cooler and fishing pole.

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Lots of Beer Cans with Beer Can Fishing Lids next to a Cooler

Seltzers, Cocktails & Beers

There is no such thing as catch and release. What you are going to reel in is almost as much fun as drinking. Our custom lids fit a variety of cans from slim to your typical beer so the variety of drinks is endless. You can even play with root beer (not recommended).

About the Game

Game Accessories

Hide a mystery drinking game rule under our snap-on can lids or pick up an extra set of hooks to see who can catch and drink their beer first.

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