Three fishermen on a boat

It’s great to meet you

As avid fishermen, we learned long ago that fishing isn’t about what you catch, it’s about who you are fishing with. We bring the world’s two best things together into one interactive party game that you can enjoy with friends. Simply snap our custom can lids on a variety of beers, chill them in a cooler and fish for them from above on a deck, dock, boat or edge of a swimming pool.

Learn How to Play
12 pack of beer can fishing game lids in a cooler

Made by fishermen, for everyone

There are so many drinking games out there that keep you sitting down at a table and drinking the same ole thing. This game is so different because it gets people up and socializing. The mystery of not knowing what you are going to be forced to drink adds to the suspense. It helps if you have some casting skills and know how to use a fishing pole, but it was designed to be so simple that anyone can play. Simply drop your fishing line straight down and move it slowly to hook your catch. It helps to line your fishing hook up just under the top of the loop and then pull up to see if you caught one.

Beer Can Fishing Prototypes

Prototyping process

The game had to be made the right way, so we did many iterations and prototypes before we got the catchable game lids just right. We started off with a proof of concept by cutting down a plastic six pack holder that would fit on a can. Then we experimented with different ways to hook around it and reel it in. It worked but it wasn't a quality product yet. We ultimately landed on a zip tie so you could adjust the size and challenge yourself. The zip ties we use now are also removable, so even if you crank it down to a small size you can always release it to make a larger loop. We then perfected our can lid, coloring and logo design to provide you with a high quality product that is also 100% recyclable.