What is Categories Drinking Game?

This is a simple drinking game that can be played as a standalone game or embedded as a the 10 card you pull in the game of Circle of Death, King's Cup or Ring of Fire. It makes a great standalone game when you don't have a deck of cards at a bar or even on a road trip when you aren't drinking. Categories is also a mystery sticker you reveal under the can lid while playing the Beer Can Fishing that will kick off a round of the game after you reel in your catch.

How to play categories

It starts off with a player selecting a category theme such as car brands, fast food restaurants, movie titles, book authors, etc,. Next, each player goes around and names something that matches the category until someone gets stuck and can't think of anything. That player is deemed the loser of the round and has to drink.

Categories drinking game rules

This drinking game doesn't typically have firm rules as it requires everyone playing to be the judge to make sure the category is common enough and the responses are inline with the theme. Generally the five second rule applies where you have five seconds to come up with your response or you lose.

Category drinking game starter ideas

When starting a new round you need some fun ideas that are general themes everyone can relate to. This will help everyone be able to contribute and make each round last longer as it goes around the circle. Don't pick a category that requires a lot of in depth knowledge on the subject as the round won't last very long. This is a starter category list of ideas to get your next game going:

  • Styles of beers
  • Brewery brands
  • Types of alcohol
  • Types of mixed drinks
  • Types of drinking games
  • Types of dog breeds
  • Sports teams - can be done by each sport
  • Types of automobile brands
  • Types of flowers
  • Types of music
  • (Name the style) TV shows
  • (Name the style) movie
  • (Name the actor) movies
  • (Name the artist) songs
  • One hit wonders
  • Things you can open or close
  • Dishes that typically use (ingredient)
  • Things you can get in Mario Kart
  • Fast food restaurants