What is the Waterfall Drinking Game?

This drinking game actually has nothing to do with water, but named after the action of everyone tipping their drink in the air at the same time. It starts off like a social where everyone drinks together and you must continue to drink until the player on their right stops drinking. It is a simple drinking game that can be played as a standalone game, but is typically embedded as the Ace card you pull in the game of Circle of Death, King's Cup or Ring of Fire. Waterfall is also a mystery sticker you reveal under the can lid while playing Beer Can Fishing that will kick off a round of the game.

How to play waterfall?

  • The person that gets the waterfall by either drawing an Ace card or finds the hidden waterfall sticker under their Beer Can Fishing lid, must start the round of drinking
  • Once they start the round by drinking, everyone in the group must also start drinking at the same time
  • No one in the game can stop drinking until the person on their right puts their drink down
  • The game goes around the circle clockwise until the last player, the anchor, stops drinking
  • If the game is played right, as each player stops drinking around the circle it should look like a wave at a baseball game

Waterfall drinking game rules

  • Players must have a secondary, backup drink prepared before the round of waterfall starts. In case they finish their current drink they are working on, they must open the next one and continue the waterfall
  • Players should all start drinking at once and cannot stop until the player on the right stops
  • The anchor at the end of the circle should be the one that finishes the waterfall and completes that round