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Beer Can Fishing Case Race Drinking Game

Get ready for a wild one with this new way to incorporate Beer Can Fishing into a full on race. The objective of the game is to get two coolers set up with an even amount of beers in them and see what team can fish and finish the beers first. It incorporates the skills of being able to fish your beers out of the cooler quickly as well as chugging beer fast. It can be played as a one-on-one game or as large of a team size as you want, but we recommend two versus two. As you increase the size of the teams, you can increase the number of lids and beers you put into the cooler.

Beer Can Fishing case race supplies

  • Two sets of Beer Can Fishing lids
  • Two fishing poles
  • Variety of canned beers (can be played with seltzers, canned cocktails, etc.)
  • Two coolers filled with ice

Beers with Beer Can Fishing Lids on top

How to play Beer Can Fishing case race

  • First, set up two coolers filled with ice. You can play from above off a deck, in the water with floating coolers, off a truck tailgate or even inside from above on a staircase. You can get creative with this but the higher you are away from the cooler the more challenging it will be to fish them out and reel them in
  • Snap our custom beer can lids on an even number of beers in each cooler. We recommend about 3-4 beers per person to get a good buzz going but please drink responsibly. If you have enough people, you can see which team can race to finish an entire case first
  • Rig two fishing lines with the included fishing hooks that come with the lid packs. Mini kids poles are really fun to use because they bend the rod and make it more of a challenge to reel in
  • Now, you are ready to start racing to see who can catch a beer, take the lid off and finish it first. You must finish each beer before you can pick up the fishing pole and fish for another one. This is important if you are playing as teams because the next player up cannot start fishing until the previous teammate finishes their drink. Play until all the beers in the cooler are caught and finished. The winning team gets the angler of the year award! 
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