Beer Deer Art Hanging in a Tree

Busch Light Beer Boxes - Bass & Deer Wall Art

One of our favorite new products to hit the market recently is called the "Beer Deer." They provide instructions to use repurposed Busch Light and Natural Light cardboard boxes into wall hangers. Much like our brand, they combine the love for the outdoors and drinking into wall art that will make you smile every time you walk by. 

What is Beer Deer wall art?

Beer Deer is the name of the company that offers beer cardboard boxes that can be crafted into a wall mounted deer, moose, bass, marlin or eagle. They are officially licensed by Anheuser Busch and their kit comes with everything you need to assemble them including the pre-cut boxes and instructions. There is no glue required and everything pushes together to assemble in 3D, making it just a few minutes before you have this ready to hang. They currently come in two beer types with Busch Latte and Natty Light.

 Where can I buy Beer Deer art for my wall?

People are using these as unique decor for their fishing hut, hunting cabin, doom room, man cave, basement or bar. Right now the only place we could find them available for purchase is through their website at or on Amazon.

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