BuzzBallz with beer can fishing lid

BuzzBallz Premixed Cocktails Drinking Game

Believe it or not, the BuzzBallz little circle cans work with our Beer Can Fishing game! We will admit, these are a little harder to snap on than a traditional beer can but once you give them a good push, they stay on great to reel in your catch. Once you have our custom can lids snapped on the top of the can they will be ready to put into an ice bath and use your fishing pole and included hooks to see if you can reel one in. Since the cans are so small you might want to disguise them by putting more ice underneath and raise them to the same height as the other beers in your cooler. 

BuzzBallz - prehistoric party foul video

 Variety of BuzzBallz drinks

They offer over a couple dozen different flavors that come in cocktails, chillers, and their newest mixed drink line so you should be able to find a variety of flavors to surprise your guests. What good is a mystery drinking game without variety? At 15% alcohol these little things can pack a punch, so it makes the perfect surprise in the cooler when you are fishing. You will be sure to "catch" a buzz with these. See what we did there? If you aren’t sure where you can find these little balls of fury, check out their Product Finder

Please note, our game doesn’t fit with their 1.75 liter Biggies product as those have a twist off cap instead of the can lid top.

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