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Corona Launches Plastic Fishing to Clean Our Oceans

Born in Mexico City in 1925, Corona has become the leading beer brand in the country and the most popular Mexican beer that can be found in more than 180 countries around the world. With it's Mexican roots, Corona has always been deeply connected with the beauty of our beaches and oceans in all their marketing campaigns. Research tells us that 95% of manufactured plastics are only used once before being disposed of and are never recycled. According to the World Economic Forum, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

Corona is Helping to Clean Our Oceans of Plastic

"Corona's Plastic Fishing Tournament is another step forward in our long-term purpose to leave no plastic in nature," said Felipe Ambra, Global Vice President for Corona. "At Corona, our environmental commitment is rooted in preserving and protecting our oceans and beaches. We feel it is our responsibility to protect paradise for generations to come, and we want to lead the way and inspire others to do the same."

The first Plastic Fishing Tournament was a brand-led initiative based on an internal corporate social responsibility innovation challenge that was piloted in Mexico in 2021. Advertising agency, WeBelievers, collaborated closely with Corona on the planning and execution of the Plastic Fishing Tournament.

In 2022, the beer company expanded their efforts globally across 5 different countries to reduce the amount of plastic in our waters. They held a series of Plastic Fishing Tournament events in China, Israel, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico and asked fisherpeople to remove plastic debris from the ocean. Their goal was to raise community awareness of plastic pollution and reduce the amount in are marine ecosystem. They compensated the local fisherpeople for their plastic debris hauls and connected fisherpeople in the region with a local recycling center to collect and recycle plastic debris found in the ocean aiming to provide a new way of generating income.

Country Results of the Cleanup Efforts

  • China: 3.8 tons of plastic  in one day
  • Israel: 2.7 tons of plastic  in one day
  • South Africa: 4.3 tons of plastic  in one day
  • Brazil: 2.7 tons of plastic in one day
  • Mexico: 8.6 tons of plastic in two days

We applaud Corona for not just sitting back and letting these trends become a reality. Beer Can Fishing is proud to say our game is made of completely recyclable components, but everyone has to do their part to recycle plastics when they are no longer using them or they could end up in our oceans.

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