Heineken Beer Tap Fishing Rod

Fishing Pole Made from Draft Beer Keg Tap

We came across this really interesting custom fishing pole maker on Etsy that, much like our drinking game, blends two of the best things in life together. Both beer and fishing go into this uniquely crafted item and we felt compelled to share. There is a reason why hobby crafters and craft brewers have a lot in common, as they both make incredibly unique products that feel like one of a kind. In a world where everything is so repeated, so mass produced we respect anyone that can make an original work of art.

Custom keg tap fishing rods

Yuengling Draft Beer Tap Handle

On the Saks5050 Etsy store, you can find a variety of keg taps that have been hand made to replace the bottom handle on the fishing pole. The keg tap has been modified in order to be able to mount a standard reel directly on the draft handle. It comes with a Shakespeare Contender reel but this could be swapped with a different one of your choosing down the road. In reading the reviews, it seems like numerous people have purchased these as a unique gift idea for their loved ones.

Busch Draft Beer Tap Fishing Rod

An environmentally friendly way to recycle draft beer handles

Another thing we enjoy about this product is the fact they use recycled tap handles for their product. They even state in their product description, "I try to get the best taps but most are used and may or may not have slight imperfections." For us, this actually adds to the character knowing that some nice cold brews were poured from the handle before it came mounted on the rod. Our Beer Can Fishing drinking game is also completely recyclable.

Types of draft tap handles for the fishing poles

You can order from a variety of different beers and manufacturers to find your favorite. While we have seen about 8 different variations of beers, the Etsy store owner states, "I have a large variety of tap handles, if you don't see your favorite brand please message me and I'll send you a picture of what I have to choose from." The following beer brands are featured in the store:

  • Bud Light
  • Budweiser
  • Busch
  • Heineken
  • Miller Lite
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Sam Adams
  • Yuengling
Ice fishing pole made out of a draft tap handle

If you are looking for an alternative to these full size Etsy poles, you can actually purchase a small ice fishing draft handle pole from a local Alaska brewery. Denali Brewing Co. offers this custom ice rod as part of their online gift shop in two of their own style beers, Mother's Ale and Seasonal.

If you do decide to pick up one of these options above, we would love to see one reeling in either a fish or a frosty brew! Since these options were a little pricy for us, we decided to make our own homemade DIY beer tap fishing rod in case you are interested in learning more about that project.

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