Tallboys for Edward 24 Beer Cans Drinking Game

Edward 40 Hands Drinking Game - Duct Tape Beers to Your Hands

About Edward 40 Hands

Edward 40 Hands, or Edward 24 "Cans" as we like to call it, is a drinking game where you duct tape large 24 oz beer cans to both your hands. This is an adaptation of the classic Edward 40 Hands game where you tape 40 oz glass bottles to both hands. The game is typically using malt liquor bottles because they are often found in 40s and offer high alcohol content. The goal of this drinking game is pretty simple, you must finish both of the beers in order to take the duct tape off and be able to use your hands again.

The game was originated after the blockbuster 1990 movie by Tim Burton was released called Edward Scissorhands. This strange story features Johnny Depp born with scissors as hands and Winona Ryder falling in love with his gentle soul. 

Edward Scissorhands movie poster

Edward Scissorhands Movie Poster

Edward 40 Hands drinking game poster

Edward 40 Hands Drinking Game Poster

Because it is a lot easier to find a variety of 24 ounce drinks in cans, we adjusted it to be compatible with Beer Can Fishing while also being a little easier on your liver. Since you can't use the restroom until after you are done and can use your hands again, it is also a little easier on your kidneys.

You should be able to find lots of beers, seltzers and other canned cocktails in a large tallboy that is 24 ounces and has a standard top that works with our custom can lids. Because some of these large cans come with a wide top, we recommend taking a lid to to the store with you so you don't buy a beverage that you can't fish for. If you forget to take a lid with you, simply flip a regular 12 oz beer can over the top of a tallboy and if the diameter is the same you should be good to go.

Variety of tallboy beer and seltzer cans

We've all seen this delicious section at the liquor and convenience store and thought to ourselves, do I really need an individual can that big? The answer is reeling in these monsters in a game of Beer Can Fishing will be the most exciting thing you are going to catch this year. 

Once you select your variety of tallboys, snap our lids on the top and put them in a large cooler, kids pool or other container filled with ice and get ready to fish them out. We recommend getting yourself a little kids fishing toy pole and reeling in these drinks that weigh over a pound to make it a real challenge. Catch two beers, have someone tape them to your hands and get ready to drink like a fish!

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