60 Year Old Budweiser Cans

Fishermen Reel in 60 Year Old Budweiser Cans

In 2016, three fishermen went out on the Wisconsin Wolf River and ended up discovering something magical. Adam Graves and Christian Burzynski said they were fishing during the weekend when their friend Andy caught something. At first, he thought it was a fish but then realized it was a snag. Any fisherman can tell you how common it is to snag your line and sometimes you have to cut or break it off because you can't reel it in. 

Beer Can Fishing without even trying

Andy must have really wanted his lure because he was able to horse in an entire 6 pack of sand-filled Budwesier beer cans into the boat. "We were amazed to see that what we pulled up was a six-pack of Budweiser," Adam Graves, 33, told ABC News. "We couldn't believe it when we pulled it up because it is such an usual find."

The rusty beer cans show decades-old wear and tear of a rough time in deep waters. They weren't strong enough to hold their liquor, but the empty cans were weighed down with sand, and that made for a little extra effort to reel in the prized catch.

Burzynski, 47, told ABC News. "It was kinda crazy to see these old cans. All six of the plastic rings were still intact."

Beers caught with a fishing pole go viral

Not only did ABC news interview and conduct a story about this interesting fishing outing, the internet also buzzed about this event for the next several months.

All but one can was still attached to the bunch, Graves said. The fishermen say Budweiser officials estimate the cans are over 60 years old. Had the cans still been sealed, with the beer inside, Burzynski said he would have definitely raised a glass.

When asked if they considered drinking them Burzynski said with a laugh, "I'm that type of guy who would say, 'Hey, let's go for it'." Hopefully this group of fishermen will find out about our mystery drinking game and be able to fish some fresh beverages out of the cooler next time.


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