Keystone Light Fish Pics Contest

Keystone Creates Contest for National Go Fishing Day (2023)

National Go Fishing Day has been celebrated since the 1950s. It was created to celebrate getting together with family and friends around a fishing pole. Did you know that around 50 million people each year go fishing in the US alone? Lifelong memories are made with the combination of the beauty of the outdoors and enjoying a peaceful day on the water. It also benefits our younger generation because they get the chance to learn about our ecosystem, conservation, sustainability and wildlife management when they put that pole in their hand. 

Keystone Light National Go Fishing Day Contest

This year on June 18, 2023, Keystone Light got involved in the day with a promotional effort to drive utilization of their app. Keystone decided to put a fun creative spin and treat the campaign like a dating app. Anglers were encouraged to send in pictures of their catch, along with stories on how they reeled in their true love.

According to Keystone Light, fish pics are very popular on dating apps, for negative reasons. The beer company said they know who the real romantics are and want to celebrate those who are unafraid to post their fish love pictures and short story of how they "hooked" their significant other. The best picture and love story will win free beer for year, $10,000 and a load of free Keystone merchandise.  

Get ready for next year's contest as we can only assume the winner will be holding up a Keystone Light hanging from one of our custom Beer Can Fishing Lids!

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