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How to Make a Fishing Hook out of a Beer Tab

Everyone loves a good survival tip and we just came across one of the best we have seen in recent years. This crafty little innovation comes from an Australian-based brewery named Land & Sea Brewery. Their Socializer beer is described as, "Sessionable, fruity & approachable. A well - rounded mid - strength with a golden straw hue. Tropical aromatics complimented by a simple malt bill." It sounds delicious, but more importantly they printed on the side of the beer can a graphic that every fisherman should know in a pinch.

How to cut a beer tab to make a fish hook

Instructions to turn a beer tab into a fishing hook

We know that fishing and drinking always go hand in hand, so you will likely have an extra beer tab laying around to pull this off. The dotted lines show where you can cut a standard beer tab in three places to form a J fishing hook. The instructions then state:

Catch your own dinner. 

1. Remove ringpull from can

2. Cut on lines ------

3. Twist and fold loop back

4. Tie on line and go fishing

Can you really turn a soda, pop or beer can tab into a fishing hook?

Either way, we had to find out if it was possible in case we ever got stranded in the woods without our fishing gear. Watch our experiment to see what we were able to catch.

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