Yuengling traditional lager and golden pils with beer can fishing lids

Yuengling Beer Drinking Game

Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery that was established by a German immigrant, David Yuengling in 1829. David founded the company in Pottsville, Pennsylvania where they still operate today six generations later. Though they make over a dozen different styles of beer, their flagship is the Traditional Lager. It was resurrected in 1987 from one of their historical recipes and offers a robust amber flavor. If you live in the northeastern US or Florida you can find Yuengling on tap nearly everywhere, but for the longest time you couldn’t find their beers east of the Mississippi River.

Yuengling company history

Expanding the Yuengling drinking market

Due to consumer demand outside of their distribution area, they struck a joint venture deal with Molson Coors Beverage in 2021 to expand the reach of their products into 25 additional states outside their eastern territory. Now that you can find their products nearly everywhere in the Midwest, it is time to take their canned products to your next party and show them off with Beer Can Fishing. Not all their flavors come in cans, but you should be able to find the Traditional Lager, Light Lager, Premium Light, Golden Pilsner, Flight and Bongo Fizz all in cans that will work with our game. If you are interested to see if Yuengling is sold in your area, check out their Beer Finder.

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