Mini Fishing Drinking Game with Shot Glasses

Fishing Drinking Game with Shot Glasses - Drink Like a Fish

If you thought our drinking game was dangerous with beer, you should check out this mini fishing drinking game with shot glasses called Drink Like a Fish. It has many similarities to our game, especially if you purchase our mystery drinking stickers that will hide drinking instructions under the beer can lid after you reel in your catch. This game is brought to you by Forum Novelties which is a large Amazon seller for things like costumes and party supplies.

Drink Like a Fish Shot Glass Drinking Game

Drink Like a Fish game includes:

  • 1 fishing rod with magnetic hook
  • 1 boat with 2 compartments
  • 6 colored shot glasses
  • 24 fish pieces with drinking instructions on the bottom

How to play the Drink Like a Fish drinking game

First, set up the game by putting the 6 different shot glasses in the back of the boat. The front of the boat is where you put all the miniature fish pieces. Make sure when you put the fish in they have the drinking game instructions face down so the fish side is all that is showing.

Playing Drink Like a Fish Shot Game

Next, set the boat on the ground and grab the mini fishing pole that comes with the kit. As you are standing over it, let your line out to drop the hook over the front of the boat where the fish are. If you line up your magnetic hook with the other magnet in the eye of a fish, it should hook on and you can reel in your catch. On the back side of the fish game piece you will find a mystery drinking instruction you must follow such as, "Do a shot w/ buddy", "Assign a shot" and "Take a shot."

Each fish piece is color coded with red, blue, yellow, white, green and black to match the shot glasses. You can play by putting different types of liquor, beers, cocktails, drinks and even water in the various colored shot glasses. Then, when you reel in a fish, you take the corresponding shot from the same colored glass. 

Since the game is so compact, it makes for an easy game to bring along with you when traveling to a tailgate or house party. We aren't sure if there is a winner or loser in this game as everyone is going to end up taking shots and winning.

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