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National Tailgating Day 2023 - September Football Season!

That's right, it's officially football season and that comes along with some of our favorite things the world has to offer. We are ready for that chill in the air with the scent of barbecue, drinking beers and playing exciting tailgating games like Beer Can Fishing. Get your coolers filled with a variety of canned drinks with our catchable lids, jump up in the truck bed and get ready to have fun reeling in a mystery drink this season! You can get the entire tailgate crew involved by using our new mystery drinking game stickers to reveal a surprise instruction under the lid like the infamous waterfall, shotgun or take a shot.

When is National Tailgating Day?

The US National holiday is celebrated on the first Saturday of every September to honor the kickoff to the college football season. September 2, 2023 is National Tailgating Day this year.

When was National Tailgating Day Founded?

Today marks the 8th annual holiday to celebrate getting together with friends and family before college football kickoff. Tailgating is all about the anticipation of the big game and coming together as a group to have some laughs, play games, grill food and most of all, enjoy some frosty beers. In 2016, Luke Lorick, CEO and Founder of Tailgating Challenge decided to file for the holiday with the registrar at National Day Calendar. Later that year on September 3, 2016, the first annual holiday was born and the tradition continues to this day.

While the official day was created less than a decade ago, the origin of tailgating is a little less clear. It likely started back in the late 1800s with the rise of popularity for college football. People wanted to get together as fans before the games started to feel a sense of community for their team. It has only grown in popularity since then with the modern conveniences of automobiles. In fact, the name tailgating comes from the invention of trucks that have a fold down tailgate where you can sit or serve food from. Manufacturers today make portable grills and smokers that allow you to cook anything from hamburgers to ribs.

“Tailgating with family and friends will continue to grow because people love to share food and have some fun in a safe and friendly environment. You never see too many unhappy people at a tailgating event,” says Luke Lorick.

The Internet's Best Games to Play at a Tailgate 2023

We have complied the top 10 list of the most popular tailgating games according to multiple online sources around the country. As of right now, Beer Can Fishing is such a new game that it hasn't made the list but we hope to change that in future years so everyone can enjoy.

  1. Cornhole/Bags
  2. Beer Pong
  3. Catch/Frisbee
  4. Flip Cup
  5. Ladder Ball/Golf
  6. Washers
  7. Giant Jenga
  8. Fowling (Bowling with a Football)
  9. Beersbee/Bottle Smash (Throwing a frisbee to knock a bottle off two poles)
  10. Kan Jam (Throwing a frisbee into two trash cans)
Our Top 10 Tailgating Beers for 2023

While it is still warm in September throughout most parts of the country in the early part of tailgating season, below is our list of recommended popular tailgating beers. As the football season rages on and the weather changes, we like to mix in some additional heavier beers and IPAs just to keep things interesting. The more variety in Beer Can Fishing the better!

  1. Coors Light
  2. Tank 7 by Boulevard
  3. Dale's Pale Ale
  4. Yuengling Traditional Lager
  5. Sam Adams Boston Lager
  6. Blue by Sweetwater Brewing Company
  7. Michelob Ultra
  8. Corona
  9. Kölsch Ale by Schlafly
  10. Guayabera Citra Pale Ale by Cigar City
Our Top 10 Tailgating Seltzers for 2023
  1. High Noon
  2. Truly
  3.  Topo Chico
  4. Ranch Water
  5. Corona Hard Seltzer
  6. Sonic Seltzer
  7. Kona Spiked Island Seltzer
  8. Quirk Seltzer
  9. Vizzy Hard Seltzer
  10. Spindrift Spiked Sparkling Water
Best and Worst Foods for a Tailgate in 2023

Recently Hormel Foods conducted a survey of 5,000 participants across the country to figure out the best tailgating trends and foods. They found some interesting facts to keep in mind at your next pre-game:

  • The average respondent attends two tailgates with a group size of 11 people on average
  • Most people arrive at their tailgates two hours early
  • The average tailgate has five different dishes
  • 84% of people responded that everyone should at least bring one food item to a tailgate and 46% said if you bring nothing you are less likely to be invited back
  • Burgers are most popular food to grill at a tailgate, followed by hot dogs and chips
  • The worst voted foods to bring to a tailgate are ice cream, popsicles, pie and salad. Pasta salad, however, ranked really high as a tailgate staple
  • The worst things to forget at your tailgate are plates, napkins or cups
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