Vintage Budweiser Fishing Bud Rod & Reel Combo

Vintage Budweiser Fishing Bud - Rod & Reel Combo

Back in 1995 if you were out Beer Can Fishing you probably weren't playing our incredible drinking game, you were using a Fishing Bud rod and reel combo made by Johnson. You may not have been able to catch a refreshing beer with this at the time because our game hadn't been invented yet, but you could catch your dinner because it is a real fishing pole. If you saved one of these still in the package today it is a collectors item that is valued at around $100 US.

Budweiser fishing pole as a promotional product

For decades beer brands have tried to find unique ways to get their logo on anything they "can" - pun intended. All sorts of promotional beer products have come about from coolers to apparel that get their brands in front of a larger audience. Any time you can pair your product with a hobby they love is always a success from a marketing standpoint. This is the same reason why lots of breweries sponsor fishing events or mark their cans with fishing or hunting related branding every year. Anheuser Busch knew that back then when introducing this product and still leverages the fishing angle with their Busch Light brand today.

Fishing Bud Rod & Reel Combo in Package 

Fishing Bud packaging information

Since this was a real fishing pole made by the Johnson Reels, Inc., company that had a license from Anheuser Busch, the packaging included detailed descriptions of what you were purchasing. The can had the actual markings of what the vintage beer can looked like back in 1995 and doubled as the housing for the reel itself.

Johnson Fishing Reel

  • Adjustable power drag
  • Trouble-free metal gear train
  • Durable main frame construction
  • Easy grip comfort handle
  • Pre-spooled with 10 lb. test premium line

Johnson Fishing Rod

  • 5' light-action spincast rod
  • Convenient 2-piece design
  • Strong tubular fiberglass construction
  • Line-saving ceramic guides
  • Exclusive "hand fit" spincast handle system

It even came with a limited warranty that was good for 1 year from the date of purchase. Unfortunately that ship has sailed if you are looking to get a replacement. However, you can find these at vintage shops or auction sites like eBay. It would be a fun retro way to play the world's best mystery drinking game so we might have to start shopping around.

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